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Tips for Conquer Fansipan – “Roof of Indochina”

Are you a truly adventurous traveler who are willing to long journey as a way to challenge yourself? From now on, put Fasipan on your must-travel Vietnam Bucket List immediately because no place in Vietnam is more perfect and wonderful for the person like you than the Roof of Indochina.

Conquering the Roof of Indochina

Why should Fasipan for hiking?

Being regarded as the highest peak in Vietnam, Mount Fasipan is located over Hoang Lien Son mountain range far north of the country. Through the hike, you can have opportunities of discovering and gazing numerous stunning scenery here, maybe vast bamboo woods, incredible rice terraces or maybe rustic and hospitable tribal people on hill. Everything is seemingly a awesome combination which brings you diverse can’t-be-more-fantastic experience.

You’ll get some fun ridge walks with panoramic views. Plus Fansipan doesn’t require any technical skill (no ropes or special equipment, just sturdy hiking boots!), but it still offers a challenge to those who want one, especially on the more difficult routes.

Fansipan has three different route options depending on your skill level and how much time you have. It’s definitely recommended that you go with a guide– they can show you where to go, help carry supplies, and offer cultural insights that would otherwise be missed. Most hikes take a few days, so be prepared for some camping. The entire experience will take you on an adventure that you won’t want to miss!

Three route options for you:

1.    Level 1- Easiest: At the start of 1900 meters from Tram Ton, you need about 10 hours for reaching the peak and this hike can be finished in one day.
2.    Level 2 – Medium: At 1260 meters from San Sa Ho to Ban Sin Chai, necessary total time here is 12 hours and more challenging, you will branch out scrambling.
3.    Level 3 – Difficult: At 1245 meters starting from Cat Cat Village, 18 hours is estimated to the summit. This route will challenge you the most, but it will also take you on the best adventure. It’s got the most impressive views and mixes it up with some fun obstacles to climb over or around. Of course, no pain, no gain.  🙂

So you’ve decided you want to make the trek, that’s awesome!
Here are some things to keep in mind to make sure you stay safe and have the best experience possible:

Time for hiking is from April to May because the weather is warm and comfortable; plus you will have chance of seeing diverse flowers blooming. It is really great. The rest time in a year is fine but more preparation is needed for cold and foggy days.
Time for avoiding hiking is the rainy season, specifically from June to September. The rain may will come suddenly. You know, it is hard to climb, right? Read more Best time to visit Sapa

Bring warm clothes, temperatures up in the mountains can get very cold, especially at night during the winter months– but it can even get cold during the summer, so be prepared. You’ll also want a raincoat so you can keep dry!

The hike can be wet and slippery, so you’ll want some sturdy, no-slip boots. Rubber boots are a good idea because they’ll keep your feet dry.

We do recommend that you go with a guide. However, if you choose to go with just friends, then keep these safety tips in mind:

Make sure you bring plenty of water and dry food, matches and a flashlight.

Avoid grassy areas or reaching under rocks, as that is where some snakes and scorpions tend to make their home. However, although caution is a good idea, don’t stress about it! This is not a big problem on Fansipan, we just like people to be careful.

GPS devices should be able to get a signal for most of the hike, so use one to keep your bearings (plus there are apps that will track your route, so you can show people later!).

If you get lost, calm down and take some steps below:
Find an area that is flat and high up to make a signal fire. Fresh wood will make the most smoke.
Follow along streams to reach water sources (which is where you can be sure to find people!).

Any type of serious hike does take some preparation and caution, but with a little care you can have a truly memorable experience climbing to the ‘Roof of Indochina.’

The above tips will partly help your journey to Fansipan go smoothly. Hope so. Now, it is your turn, prepare everything and take a suitable itinerary in our Fansipan tours.

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Happy hiking!




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