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Ta Phin Village – Home of Red Dao ethnic minority

If you have an opportunity to visit Sapa, don’t forget to reach to Ta Phin Village, one of the most attractive destinations that located about 17km from Sapa town to the east. With the wonderful natural beauty and the unique cultural features of the Red Dao ethnic group, Ta Phin is an extremely suitable choice for your holiday. The following are some interesting characteristics that I would like to share you.

Some attractive destinations in Ta Phin Village
Ta Phin cave - mysteriously beautiful

The first stopover for you in this trip to Ta Phin Village is Ta Phin Cave, also called as Ti O Cam Cave by the ethnic people here. This cave is located under the foot of the mountain and you must follow a path with the green paddy fields in its two sides. This is a big cave with many shapes of stalactite in the cave. In addition, the cave is also fit the lights with a number of different colors that make tourists feel as if they were in the fairy land. To explore this cave in the peaceful atmosphere of the northwestern forests is really a wonderful experience for all you.

The next destination that you should also pay a visit is the ancient monastery here. This unique monument was built under the Western architectural style at the end of the 19th century and until now; it has also kept its ancient beauty. Coming here, you will be impressed on its original architectural characteristics and majestic beauty although it has been out of use for a long time. Almost tourists when reach here also take a lot of photos and learn about the history of this old monastery. Especially, this is an ideal place for the couples to take the wedding photos, typically in the spring when the peach blossoms bloom. For those reasons, it is really an exciting destination for both domestic and foreign tourists when visiting to Sapa. Another remarkable thing is that this monastery is opposite Ham Rong Mountain, a majestic mountain that symbols for the strategic location of this land in the northwest of Vietnam. Also, this mountain contributes to create the ancient and wild beauty of this monastery among the massive forests.

Ta Phin Village is also famous for the unique traditional cultural features in the ethnic customs of people here. Tourists when coming here at the time from August to December will get the chances to join many traditional festivals and experience the customs and habits of the Red Dao or Mong ethnic people here including the wedding rituals, “Put Tong” festival or bell dance of the Dao ethnic people. To come here and mix with the simple and happy life of the ethnic groups here with the sounds of the ethnic instruments, the singings and the attractive dances of the native people in the festivals will bring you the wonderful moments after your hard working days and help you temporarily forget the difficulties and tiredness in life.

Furthermore, Ta Phin is known not only by the beautiful natural landscapes and the culture imbued with national identity but also the famous brocade village. There is a variety of brocade products of the Red Dao ethnic people about both patterns and colors with many helpful items such as backpacks, travel bags, shawl, handbags, wallets, coats, etc. These products are also made by the Red Dao ethnic women with many types of unique designs featured the characteristics of the forests and their daily lives such as birds, trees, flowers, etc and often sold in their markets or in the souvenir shops in Sapa town. The brocade products of the ethnic people here are famous in the domestic market such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, also in some foreign markets including America and France. These special items are really indispensable gifts for your family or friends when reaching to this famous village because they were made by all the hearts of people here, so they are worth respecting. If you get any chances to come here, remember to own one or more these items.

Herbal bath - comfortable, excited, good for healthI think that a special thing that you should not ignore is to soak in herbal, a unique feature of Red Dao ethnic people. If you pay more attention, you will realize that almost families here also dry many types of herbals in front of their houses. From the past, the Red Dao ethnic group had a habit of herbal bath, so they often collect a lot of herbals in the forests and boil for bathing. It’s said that soaking your body or legs in a sink with these types of herbals can helps people to treat some diseases including rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, sciatica, flu, some skin diseases, jaundice, back pain, etc. Women will also own the smooth and fair skin if they often soak in herbal, especially, the pregnant women and post partum women.

The herbal sinks of the Red Dao ethnic people
Tourists also get a chance to enjoy some famous special dishes here such as: five-color “xoi”, sour pickled pork, rice wine of the Red Dao ethnic people, and other delicious food with the ethnic and cultural feature.

Besides, you can also visit other villages of the ethnic minorities here such as: Ta Van Village of the Mong, Tay, Red Dao ethnic groups; Cat Cat Village; Den Village, Lao Chai Village of Black H’mong ethnic group; Ho Village of Tay ethnic group; etc. On the whole, I hope all of you have a happy time in this holiday.

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