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Ta Phin Cave Sapa

Ta Phin CaveLocation: Ta Phin Cave is located in Ta Phin commune, Sapa district, Lao Cai province.

Characteristics: Ta Phin Cave is home to many research value, archaeological and tourist sites The town of Sapa to Ta Phin 12km, angling to the north, where the two ethnic Dao and Hmong residents.

Ta Phin Cave, also called as Ti O Cam Cave by the ethnic people here. The way the Ta Phin commune headquarters near the 1km to the north are limestone mountains, is a tributary of the Hoang Lien Son. In these mountains there is a small mountain, the foot cracked a store, a height of about 5m, 3m wide, open up a path through the ground. Go over 30m in the dark, will face a bumpy cave. From here take a lot of the split reclining just wished the ground reached a creep, many cling to the cliff to the ear stone, whose swing up and down. Take the small cliffs is more spread out many ways, even the rounds the corner, commonplace Iraq and eventually return to its original position.Take the road of big wall, you can feel through to the cliffs, winding road, when he was down, the bulge to place the same woman who was cradling me, places like the fairies in the shower, where the same giant raspberry patches of white felt, rough lava, coral patches just roll around, there are places like the fine white colonnades let go from the top down …

In addition, the cave is also fit the lights with a number of different colors that make tourists feel as if they were in the fairy land. To explore this cave in the peaceful atmosphere of the northwestern forests is really a wonderful experience for all you.

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