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Honeymoon in Sapa – What to See and Where to Stay?

Sapa what to see and Sapa where to stay are 2 frequent questions that all travelers concern before traveling to this upcountry city. Sapa – a city in mist and a Western-style valley – is perfect for couples. It is one of the most charming honeymoon destinations in Vietnam, which is famous for the cool air, marvelous mountain sceneries, picturesque waterfalls, and exceptional ethnic Hmong villages. The beautifully arranged terrains, reflecting harmony between people and nature, invite honeymooners all over the world to invest their sweet holiday in Sapa.

Sapa What to See – Where Romance Evolves in the Spectacular Settings

Sapa is a highland frontier town in Lao Cao Province, around 380km to the northwest of Hanoi. The destination owns magical nature with the fascinating forested hill, romantic valley, dreamlike waterfall, and colorful terraced rice field. Know that Sapa was voted as the 9th in top 10 destinations of the terraced rice fields in the world, which ensures you to have fantastic honeymoon photography. Meanwhile, the ethnic diversity, exceptional markets, and villages create the unique harmonious picture of the land. Positioned on the Lo Suay Tong Mountain slope, the pretty town is gifted with the cool weather; especially, it is misty in the early morning. Your days and nights in the charming town will be full of joy if you can spot these local highlights:

Terraced Rice Fields in Sapa, VietnamHoneymoon in Sapa – Terraced Rice Fields in Sapa, Vietnam – Photo on pxhere

#1: Sapa Town

Around 1500m above the sea level, Sapa Town is famous for the stunning Heaven Gate, Cau May Heritage, and Fansipan Mountain. Besides, there stand out lots of colonial buildings for sightseeing. While the Heaven Gate is an iconic site to see, the reputable Fansipan with the height of 3143m (The Roof of Indochina Peninsula) is the most magnetic attraction that no one ignores. Conquer the mountain lets you both explore variable biology and have a victory feeling together. If possible, don’t forget to give your sweetheart a bunch of undying flowers, reflecting eternal love.

#2: Muong Hoa Valley

With breathtaking sceneries, this flowery valley makes you believe that we can find a paradise on this earth. Muong Hoa Valley is recognizable for various kinds of flowers, the scenic terraced rice fields, and the interesting hill-tribe villages. Surrounding the amazing valley are the traditional villages of Ta Van, Cat Cat, Giang Ta Chai, etc., who preserve their long-lasting costume, culture, and language. Some honeymooners might love the homestay experience there.

#3: The Weekly Markets

Sapa offers some hill-tribe villages for you to join, such as Ban Phien Market (on Monday), Coc Ly Market (on Tuesday), Lung Khau Nhin Market (on Thursday) Can Cau Market (on Saturday), Muong Hum Market, Muong Khuong Market, and Bac Ha Market (on Monday). Among these, Bac Ha is the largest-cope market for the true sense of hill-tribe village. The identical images of the colorful products, ethnic merchants, interesting costumes, etc., make your honeymoon trip to Sapa memorable indeed. The Hmong and Dzao people, for instance, are likely to sing at night which exhilarates the market vibe.

#4: Silver Waterfall

With the height of 200m, Silver Waterfall possesses the enchanting beauty which drives others to love it at first sight. Looking like the silver line when water pours down, this waterfall is perfect for sightseeing and photographing. When you stand on the summit of Ham Rong Mountain, it’s clear to view the spectacular waterfall. When contemplating it, all anxiety is vaporized. Silver Waterfall is exactly what to see in Sapa !

Sapa Where to Stay – Top 4 Hotels for Honeymooners in Sapa

The honeymoon is about to come, and you decide to get it done successfully in Sapa. It’s the great decision indeed. So, where to lay the heads during your sweet holiday in Sapa? Here are some optimal suggestions of lodgings for the couples.

Amazing Sapa – Affordable Hotel for romance vacation

Built in the typical Western style, Amazing Sapa Hotel appeals to many holidaymakers with the luxurious, special, and elegant architecture. The hotel includes 82 well-amenity rooms that guarantee your stay with warmth, romance, and comfort. Even from the rooms, you can enjoy the stunning nature of Sapa via the windy and large windows. Also, the spacious balcony provides the very delightful views and many flattering corners. Besides, notice that this hotel is equipped with the wonderful indoor pools for you to relax with the blue water, good cocktails, and comfortable lounge, overlooking the poetic Sapa Town.

Victoria Sapa Resort & Spa – Luxury Hotel for Vacationers in Sapa

Always included in the list of the most beautiful and splendid hotels in Sapa, Victoria Sapa Resort & Sapa is erected in the town center, with the extensive area. It has the architecture of the wooden, traditional houses of the hill-tribe people, with the high ceiling, complex textures, and wooden balcony. Remarkably, the heating area brings the warm feeling to vacationers when the destination gets cold at night. With 77 luxuriously designed rooms, indoor pool, etc., this hotel is competent enough to serve the honeymooners well and even beyond their expectation.

Victoria Sapa Resort & Spa - The best choice to stay in Sapa for your Sapa travelHoneymooon in Sapa – Victoria Sapa Resort & Spa – Photo by Victoria Team

Topas Ecolodge Sapa – Romantic Stay for Honeymooner in Sapa

Approximately 18km from Sapa Town, located on the conical summit of the hill, Topas Ecolodge looks highly impressive in the style of wooden and friendly houses. Each room brings a nature-friendly feeling, thanks to the wooden facilities, rocky designs, and lots of green. From the scenic balcony, people enjoy sightseeing the marvelous valley, green terraced rice fields, and aesthetic waterfall in the Muong Hoa attraction. The hotel offers some attractive programs for the honeymooners, just contact to check.

U-Sapa Hotel – Central Hotel for Couples to Sapa

In the French architecture mixed harmoniously with the local identity, U-Sapa makes any honeymoon travel to Sapa faultless. This 4-star accommodation is well-amenity in a luxurious way, with the facilities of bar, library, gym, restaurant, etc. It brings the optimum senses of relaxation so that every couple can refresh and regain energy. One thing to complain about U-Sapa is that it’s so comfortable and professional that make patrons hard to say goodbye. Many honeymooners did come back to U-Sapa for their anniversaries.

Think of your upcoming honeymoon in Sapa! One note for you is to carry it out in September – the harvest season when the terraced rice fields become “the yellow carpets.” But the fact is that Sapa remains beautiful all year round. Now, check the latest Sapa honeymoon tour packages and book your favorite one! Countdown your departure day, have the camera charged in full, and together with your wife/husband explore the fascinatingly scenic town. Every single step of yours and your sweetheart creates the forever-lasting sweet memories.

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