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Fansipan Cable Car Sapa – All You Need to Know Before You Go

Sapa is considered to be paradise on earth for the stunning scenery, the unique culture of hill tribble people and the cool climate of high mountains.

The Fansipan peak, which is recognized as the peak of Indochina, has always been the target of adventure conquerors. Now with the brand new cable car system there is even more reasons to choose Sapa for your Vietnam holiday. Fansipan cable cars make it way easier to conquer the top mountain of Hoang Lien Son range. Many people say they never thought of climbing to the top of Fansipan.

As the climb is real tough and it takes a few days to get to the top, even for the most experienced climbers. It requires good preparation of gears, health condition and urge to conquer. Fansipan peak is now for everyone!

Fansipan cable car

Fansipan mountain cable car Sapa

What’s so special about Fansipan cable cars? While experiencing Sapa cable cars tourists will love the feeling of soaring through the clouds, leisurely enjoy the magnificent scenery and picturesque view of Muong Hoa valley and Hoang Lien Son national park along side with the striking peak of Fansipan the top of Indochina at the height of 3.143m above the sea level. Sapa cable cars have been awarded by the Guinness World Record Organization for these 3 following:

- The longest nonstop 3-rope cable car system in the world.
- Greatest elevation difference by nonstop 3-rope cable car system in the world.
- Transport capacity: 2000 guests/ hour

1. How to get to Fansipan cable cars from Sapa town

Fansipan cable cars locate in the newly built Fansipan Legend tourist complex, 3 km from the Stone Church in the town center. It’s a walking distance so you can easily walk for about 30 minutes to get there.

Taxis are available for those who don’t want to walk and it takes 10 minutes. Taxi price is about 200.000VND – 250.000VND (10-12 US$).

Motorbike taxis are a fun way to get to Sapa cable cars too if you want some bike adventure.

For walkers: from the Stone Church- Thac Bac street- Nguyen Chi Thanh Street- Fansipan Legend Complex. There are road signs on the way and you can easily get there.

2. Fansipan Cable Car - The tips

Fansipan Cable Car Ticket Price

You can easily buy Fansipan Cable Car ticket directly at the station. It costs 700.000VND for adults (about 35 US$) and 500.000 VND (25 US$) for children (1m- 1,3m tall), free for children under 1 m tall.

Fansipan Cable Car ticket

Fansipan Cable Car Ticket

Notes with Fansipan Cable Car Ticket

+ Those prices are for both ways.

+ No worry if you don’t really know the height of your children. There is a measure at ticket point.

+ The tickets are for both way to go and return so make sure you keep them somewhere safe and handy.

+ Tickets are only valid within the day of purchase so don’t buy tickets beforehand.

+ On holidays or weekend this Fansipan cable cars are filled with tourists meaning you may have to queue for a few hours to buy tickets and get on the cars.

Muong Hoa Valley view from Fansipan Cable Car

Stunning view of Muong Hoa valley from the cabins of Fansipan Cable Cars

Fansipan Cable Car Tips

– Your buses or cars have to stop at the parking lot. And from there it’s a few minute walking to the ticket house and the departure station. There is a nice pagoda at the beginning of this station so you can have a look before buying the tickets.

- Each cabin has the capacity of around 30- 35 persons. The whole system transporting capacity is about 2000 persons/ hour. Sapa cable cars start from Muong Hoa valley and the destination station is located at the height of 3000m, close to the peak. The deference between the 2 stations is 1400m. The whole cable car trip takes 15 minutes one way. That’s a heck of the difference. As if you hiked it would take a few days to get to the top! From the cable cars you can open your eyes with the stunning view of Muong Hoa valley and Hoang Lien Son national park. You won’t stop wowing at the waterfalls, terrace rice fields, pine forests…

– The higher Sapa cable cars go up the lower temperature will get. There will be wind that shake the cars. Cable cars can stop for a quick moment. No worry, that is only to add more flavor to your trip!

- From the destination station it takes about 600 more steps to get to the peak of Fansipan. And those steps are quite stiff so make sure you wear some good walking shoes. The walking to the top can take about 30 minutes.

- It can be cold and windy on the top. Bringing a top or a light jacket is recommended. It was 30 °C in Sapa town today but when I got to the top it felt like 15 °C. I didn’t bring any warm clothes with me but that was OK. The 600 steps walking to the top will warm you up!

Beautiful view from Fansipan peak

Beautiful view from Fansipan peak

– There are café and restaurants in both starting and destination station for your need. Toilets are clean. There are instructing signs everywhere to make it easy for tourists. I tried the Hai Cang Restaurant and Café. The view was good but the food is not the best of this world. But the hot cappuccino I had while looking down the valley was to remember. Food and drinks here are quite expensive but that’s understandable! For those who don’t like to eat in restaurants you can bring along some food and drink. There are many benches and chairs to sit and relax.

– Don’t take too much luggage with you as the administrative guards won’t let you in the cabins. You won’t be needing much of things anyway. Camera, drink should be enough.

– It’s 3143 m above the sea level and the oxygen is less than normal. Walk slowly and stop regularly to breath. There are many stopping terrace for tourists to take photo or do the sightseeing.

– Fansipan cable cars run nonstop from 7.00 AM to 6.00 PM. Take your time to walk around and visit the peak as well as other places in the complex. Whenever you want to go back just hit the station. Cars are always ready to take you back.

– When you finish Fansipan cable cars you can go 8 kms futher to visit the nearby Silver water fall and the Love water fall.

Video View From Fansipan Cable Car System

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