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Big fruit for your 2015 Christmas in Sapa

Sapa Stone ChurchOver the past few years, Sapa often has snow in winter, just few days right before Christmas. The weather reaches a peak of coldness, but it is clean without any rain. Snow has not melted, and the whole region has the same atmosphere as in Nothern Europe. This is absolutely a good opportunity for you to experience an unforgettable Christmas season in Sapa. Here is a list of what to do in Sapa on Christmas 2015:

1. Visit Sapa Stone Church

The Stone Church is also a sacred place of the locals, where holds a lot of religious event in Sapa.
Located in the heart of Sapa town, the Stone Church was listed among top 5 over-100-year-old churches in Vietnam. Built in the 19th century, it was considered the most ancient architectural integrity of the French in Vietnam. Normally on Christmas, church will be colourfully decorated, and if you visit Sapa in this occasion, be sure to check this spot out. There will be Christmas event held in the Stone Church on the Eve night.

2. Trek Mount Ham Rong

Ham Rong mountain is the best place to witness the whole landscape of Sapa.
You might put it on top of what to do in Sapa, because a trek to Ham Rong mountain on Christmas day is so so amazing! It is the best place to have a wonderful bird-eye view of Sapa town so far. Ham Rong is only 3km far from Sapa centre, and you can easily walk from your hotel to the foot of the mountain. YouSilver Waterfall can do a short trek in 3 or 4 hour. On the way up, above you only sky, and below you only clouds. At the height of 1,800, you can stop at a unique cloud watching area to have an overview of the whole town immersed in fogand clouds. That could be an exciting memento of your Christmas holiday there.

3. Ride to the Silver WaterfalL

Also on the list of what to do in Sapa, Silver Waterfall has been well known as a symbol of this mountainous town. You can rent a motorbike and start riding to the West of Sapa about 12km, then you can see the marvellous Silver Waterfall in the winter. Falling down from the height of 200m onto a small stream in O Quy Ho Valley, the waterfall creates a unique sound of nature.
On the way to Silver Waterfall, you can also see howHeaven gate the locals prepare for Christmas. They make a lot of happy snow man or Santa Claus and reindeer for children.

4. Ride to the Heaven Gate

Last but not least on what to do in Sapa, you should definitely have a ride to the Heaven Gate this occasion. It’s a little remoted from Sapa town, about 18km to the North, but it’s worth a ride! You will surely be into the winding road between rugged mountains and cliffs of the giant Hoang Lien Son range. When you reach the top of this pass, you reach the Heaven Gate. Standing on this spot, you can see the whole valley below with endless terrace fields, more winding roads below, and you can even see the Silver Waterfall! This will also bring you the feeling of fear when standing on top of the Fansipan peak, next to dangerous cliffs. In winter, this area will be covered with snow, which makes it all the more mysterious.

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