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Unique Traditional Festivals In Sapa In The Spring

In the spring, there are lots of traditional festivals of ethnic minorities in the highland district of Sapa (Lao Cai) where there are the natural landscapes.

1. Gau Tao -The spring festival of the Mong ethnic group

Gau Tao -The spring festival of the Mong ethnic groupThe Mong people in the North West and Sapa (Lao Cai) open Gau Tao festival on a beautiful day in January every year to pray luck for couples without children. The festival is held on a wide beach along the ridge.

Guests and residents participate in catching a goat while blindfolded in Gau Tao spring festival

The spring festival attracts a lot of Hmong people in the area especially young unmarried men and women to sing giao duyen or participate in traditional games like pushing sticks, catching goats while blindfolded, shooting crossbows and climbing.
Gau Tao spring festival of the Hmong ethnic group in Sa Pa takes place at the foot of Fansipan mountain in Ta Giang Phin where there is Ngu Chi Son beautiful mountain, a destination for tourists each spring.

2. Roong Pooc- Going to the field festival of the Day ethnic group in Ta Van

Roong Pooc FestivalThe opening area is adjacent to ancient rocks and Muong Hoa stream which is considered as the most beautiful stream in Sa Pa. A high and tall tree is selected from Hoang Lien mountain to be put in the center of the festival. It is only removed when the festival ends.

The head of the village and Ta Van representatives offer a traditional tray of the Day ethnic group to thank the heaven and the god who brought prosperity and happiness for all people in the past year and pray for peace in the new year.

After the cultural program of young men and women in Ta Van villages, Hau Thao and Su Pan communes perform near the tree to serve local people and visitors. The festival has also traditional folk games such as throwing a sacred ball through the ring (nem con), catching goats while blindfolded, and going a bamboo bridge over a stream always attracting people to participate in games and cheer for the players.The end of the festival is a plowing competition among best workers.

3. The giao duyen (courtship duets) singing festival of Dao Do ethnic group in Ta Phin

The giao duyen festival of Dao Do ethnic group in SapaTa Phin is an attractive destination for tourists visiting Sapa because this place has a splendid brocade village.

In spring, the “giao duyen” singing festival is held and taken part in by hardworking boys and the girls who are good at making wedding dresses and brocade products for tourists as souvenirs for relatives.

Through the festival, young men and women become husbands and wives. Attending the spring singing festival, visitors also discover the unique customs of the Dao Do (Red Dao) people.

Coming to Sapa, remember to take part in traditional festivals of ethnic minorities and discover unique customs.

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