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Summer in Hoang Lien Son mountain range

fansipan in summer - so clear and so greatIn the list of the places of attraction in Vietnam, Hoang Lien Son mountain range with mighty Fansipan mount is always listed as the most attractive place to go in Sapa of the four seasons of the year. If the winter brings ice and snow which whiten the mountains with the extremely cold weather, the spring seduces all the visitors by its lively beauty of blooming flowers and the green of all the plant here. On the other hand, the fall comes to dress another coat for the mountainous area; it is a yellow coat which is silent and peaceful like an old painting of a famous artist. In general, each season comes; you can experience a new sense of the beauty of the place. However, the most recommended time for all visitors is the summer. Summer does not bring the white snowy coat of the winter, the green coat of the spring or the yellow coat of the fall. It comes with a fresh and blue coat of a clear sky and mild weather. It is the time for visitors to explore the mountains in the area.

Hoang Lien Son mountain range is well-known for its national park with the area of nearly 70.000 hectares. Hoang Lien Son national park is one of the most important special-use forests in Vietnam which is enclosed by a range of mountains of Hoang Lien Son mountain range including Fansipan mount – “the roof of the Indochina” with the height of 3.143 meters above the sea level. Hoang Lien Son national park is a jungle with various and diversified fauna and flora system that it is recognized as the Asean Heritage Park. Therefore, the national park is the best place to go on an eco-tourism in summer vacation.
To go to the park, you have to travel along a 20-kilometer winding trail to the west from Sapa town. You will see O Quy Ho pass as the first point of the journey to explore the national park. Then you will go up along a rugged trail along the slope at the height of 1000 meter above the sea level. On the way to go up the mountain, you will see many kinds of beautiful and colorful flowers. The most popular flowers are azaleas and orchid. There are dozens kind of azaleas and hundreds kinds of orchid. The further you climb up, the much more interesting you may feel. On the height of over 1000 meters above the sea level, you will meet hundreds of coniferous plants like in temperate area. On the altitude of 2000 meters, there are many short kind of bamboo and small shrubs that you may feel lost in a wonder land. The atmosphere constantly change as it is cloudy then clear with sunlight.

fansipan in summer - many flowers is blooming.Besides the diversity of the plants, the animals in the place also various with many rare and endangered species like black crested gibbon, Great Hornbill, Phasianidae … and many other kinds of amphibian and reptiles. While walking in the jungle, the visitors may hear the songs of the birds and the colorful rag of beautiful butterflies gather up.
Not only the plants and animals can impress the visitors but also the beauty of mighty waterfalls can seduce them. In Hoang Lien Son national park, there are many magical and fabulous waterfalls which look like white shining silky band hanging over the mountain. It is very interesting to stop in a waterfall to enjoy the fresh water and relax, take photos and play with friends under the waterfall. Under the O Quy Ho pass, Bac waterfall is the most well-known waterfall in Hoang Lien Son mountain range due to its beauty. On the height of 200 meters, the waterfall drops down like a girl hangs her silky hair. On the background of the mighty of the jungle and the blue of the sky, the waterfall shows its power with loud noises. From the top of the waterfall, you can see the peaceful and dreamy beauty of Muong Hoa valley with the stilt houses of ethnic people in Sapa.
To discover all the beauty of Hoang Lien Son mountain range, you should go in summer. It is the time for exploring the Fansipan mount as well as experience the mighty and magical beauty of the jungle in the place.

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