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Sin Chai Village

Sin Chai is one of the best-view spots in Sapa, distant 4km from the city center and homed of about 1.400 Mong people.

Tourist with children sapaSin Chai is located in Ta Giang Phinh commune where the locals consider a unique gift given to the Mong by God. This village is located in the lower of Thau Stream which is never out of water and the foot of Ngu Chi Son Mountain Range. It perches on the high mountain with fog coverage on the way of “winter section” crossing the mountain side. You can reach the village by getting from Sapa then passing Lanh Waterfalls, Ngu Chi Son Slope. The weather here are always cool and sometimes it brings chilly wind and the fog is the familiar image that you can get when you are Sin Chai; therefore, though it is only far 40km from Sapa center, Ta Giang Phinh or Sin Chai is featured with unique charm and beauty. Mysterious Ngu Chi Son Mount (Five Fingers Mount), magnificent rice terraces, hundred-year-old Mong valley, traditional and tranquil houses full of the Mong-made equipment (so sophisticated and useful) are those symbolizing the village then making it one of the most interesting must-gos in Sapa. At present, the trail to this spot is more convenient since it is built more concrete roads. Anyway, if you come to Sapa, you had better try its natural and tranquil paths, such as through forests or narrow hill-paths to get the very trek. Ngu Chi Son Mountain Range is well-known as the most beautiful mountain range in the Northwest, consisting of five main mountains running to the southwest – northeast. Ngu Chi Son is 3.000 m high and it is the second highest mountain, which is just behind Fansipan Mount. That’s why you are completely suggested passing the fabulous Cong Troi (Heaven Gate) then conquering this Mount and it shall be interesting and challenging not less than doing with Fansipan Peak.

Sin Chai VillageThe Mong usually have a custom of construction houses in the haft-way or on the top of the high mountains and such houses are distant from each other; however, in Sin Chai Village, the local gather together and reside in the valley, along with the crystal and fresh stream running from imposing Ngu Chi Son’s foot. The Mong here prefer building breeding facilities far from their houses instead of right under the main houses as in the past or in other ethnics’ area. Therefore, the life of the local is more hygienic and the source of water is more secured, so it is avoided from epidemics. When referring to Sin Chai, it is “hundred-year-old Mong valley” which is one of the featured characteristics in the village. Most of the old Mong in the village are in hundred-year-old. It is deemed that the genes, fresh air, pure water source, safe and natural food are those prolonging the life of the local in Sin Chai. The local here also prefer using herbs collected from Ngu Chi Son Moutain Range to cure themselves when they get some ailments like colds, fevers instead of using medicines or visiting hospitals.

The Mong in Sin Chai are so friendly and kind. There is a cultural house in the middle of the village, where important issues and tasks of the village and commune are discussed. This is also a place held traditional activities like art performances for festivals or some holidays and exchanged the knowledge and experience about how to cultivate linen, weave brocades and print beeswax on the cloths.

As the convenience and modernization, it is opened a new fantastic tourism route of Sapa – Ban Khoang – Ta Giang Phinh – Ban Xeo, which is typical with mountain climbing, culture exploring and the Mong’s life experience. With its pristine natural landscapes, hospitable local and characterized culture, this tranquil and beautiful village is always worth a visit.

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