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Lung Khau Nhin market – Charming great and special one

Lung Khau Nhin market - Ethnic people are buying necessary thingsLocating in Lao Cai province, Lung Khau Nhin market is a small market hiding itself amongst the mountains and forests of the far north Vietnam about 10 km from the border with China. It is almost untouched by the modern life with beautiful scenery, with Pine Tree forests and villages surrounding the tiny market. Every Thursday, Lung Khau Nhin market will offer you a great opportunity to meet the Nung, Flower H’mong, Black Dao, Tu Di and Giay minorities.

Lung Khau Nhin Market  is one of the famous ancient markets of Lao Cai province. Like other fairs, Lung Khau Nhin has vibrant color of the dresses, blankets, green cabbage and yellow citrus. The main road that runs through the market, people sell fruit and vegetables, pots and personal items. From the main road turn to market is place that people sell dresses, brocade and blankets… After that, visitors come to sell livestock such as: pigs, chickens, dogs and cats… Walk from sectiLung Khau Nhin market - some women are selling some homemade products.on to sections, corner to corners, seeing and smelling of different local products such as spices; vegetable; farming tools; handicraft; and even medicinal herb…, meeting smiling peoples every where. The people who sell goods come from all ethnic H’Mong, Nung, Man, Kinh… but the number of people can not speak mandarin fluently.

Although not being so big or famous among visitors as Coc Ly and Can Cau, Lung Khau Nhin market, beside a normal shopping place, play an important role to spiritual life of local ethnic peoples and especially to those who come from very small ethnic groups such as Pa Zi, Tou Zi, Tou Lao who live in small and isolated villages around this corner of the country, come for meeting, socializing…

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