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Learn about : the special food in Ha Giang

It is one of Northern Vietnam tours. Ha Giang is not only known as a mountainous province with spectacular landscapes, customs and traditions, colorful festivals, sheer limestone mountains but also we see it as a piece of land with of attractive natural products and one of the best attractions that lure travelers is the food culture with dishes made from many materials available in nature that have become exotic, interesting and impressive specifically available only in the highland region of Ha Giang.

So, In this article, we learn about :  Learn about : the special food in Ha Giang.

1. Steamed egg rolls (Trứng cuộn)

As its name refers, this dish is made from egg which is well steamed and rolled up. Steamed egg roll is also eaten with the pork bone based sauce which suprisingly enhances the flavor of the dish.

 Learn about : the special food in Ha Giang

You just have to pick up a piece of thin egg roll that looms the red of soft-boiled inside with chopsticks and dip it into the dipping sauce to enjoy.

2 – Chau Au Tau (Au Tau porridge)

In Ha Giang there are unique dishes that make visitors never forget. Bitter Porridge or Chao Au Tau is one of them.

 Learn about : the special food in Ha Giang

A bowl of Chao Au Tau looks very attractive by harmonious combination of rice, minced meat, bone water, herbs…

In the cold winter night in the mountains, sitting in a warm restaurant by the red flame kitchen and savor Au Tau porridge is also an interest for those who love to discover new things .

3. Thang Co 

Thang Co, carrying an unforgettable flavor will be an interesting experience for your Vietnam package tour.

The food is absolutely unreal as it’s only served in Ha Giang with a unique taste.

The local people usually have Thang Co with Khen wine. It’s such a traditional way of eating in this highland area.

4. Sticky rice cooked in bamboo pipes (Com Lam in Bac Me)

Com Lam Bac Me becomes a famous delicacy and the must try food in Ha Giang as well.

5. Buckwheat Cake

 Learn about : the special food in Ha Giang

Buckwheat cake is made from tam giac mach grains dried and ground into flour. The cake is shaped in rounds and grilled on the light fire. Its smell will attract anyone around. It is quite cheap to savor one when you are traveling to Ha Giang; it just costs about VND10,000.

6. Five-color sticky rice 

This dish is made from rice that has 5 different colors; red, yellow, green,purple and white. It’s an absolutely perfect architectural masterpiece of sticky rice that you can hardly see in other lands.

7. Bac Quang orange 

Thick-skined orange has become a most famous specialty of Bac Quang and the second famous specialty is tea. Orange here has a typical and sweet flavor that is a symbol of southern mountainous area of Ha Giang.

8. Grilled alga

To many people, alga seems to be a normal underwater plant without any function. However, to Tay ethnic people in Ha Giang, this plant is the main ingredient of one of their well knwon specialties.  Moss then can be processed into different dishes.

9. Lon Cap Nach

Another amazing choice in the list of the must-try food in Ha Giang is Lon Cap Nach (it can be translated pigs “carried under arm”). The name stems from the habit of the local people carrying bought pigs under their arm home from the market. It is just a general name for the pigs; the locals will use the pigs for many different dishes, such as roasted pork, grilled pork, fried or steamed pork. The most special thing is that the food will be savored with a fantastic sauce almost suitable for it. It surely deserves a try.

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