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Ho village – an attractive destination in the Northwest

Hồ Village - beauty and charm in SapaHiding from mighty Hoang Lien Son Mountain range and silhouetted into dreamy Muong Hoa valley, Ho village is an ethnic village in Sapa which attracts thousands of visitors each year. In recent years, Ho village has been considered as the most attractive destination in Sapa due to the fact that it has many advantages to become a wonderful site to go. When coming to Ho village, you cannot only see the splendid scene ever but also have chance for experience a rich cultural land.

On the way to Ho village, you will be amazed by the golden terraces and small roofs of ethnic houses scattered along the streams on the mountains which creates a lyrical beauty. Den village is the junction of two streams: Muong Hoa stream and La Ve stream. It can be said that stream is the living source of the ethnic people here as it provides fresh and clean water for the local people. Besides, the stream in accordance with the mountain is considered as the well-known beauty in mountainous area. Den village is the center of Ho village where Tay people live. The village has long been famous for “then” melody and favored with beautiful and charming scene with mild climate, high topography, mighty mountains, nice valley, streams, and endless paddy fields …
If Muong Hoa stream is the water source for ethnic people in villages, La Ve stream flows into Den village from the jungle to create fresh serenades which are look like magical curtains. It is the reason why the fish gather under the serenade to perform beautiful charming dances. Therefore, the local people named the serenade as “dancing fish” serenade. The serenade idd an ideal place for those want to catch fresh and tasty fish under the serenade. It is very excited to enjoy roasted fish by the serenade. Beside two beautiful streams, Ho village also have other charming streams like Ta Trung Ho, Seo Trung Ho … they are all places for those want to conquer the nature and discover the precious beauty of the nature.

Seo Trung Ho waterfall - romantic and lovely moment in Sapa20 kilometers from Sapa town, you have to walk about further 5 kilometers along the trails, terraces and winding streams over the mountains, over the small bamboo bridge to come to Seo Trung Ho village. The village is the residence of Dao people who are very friendly and hospitable. To go to Seo Trung Ho waterfall, you have to walk about 1 kilometer in the forest from the village. The 100 meter high waterfall hides deeply in Hoang Lien Son mountain range. Look from far distance, Seo Trung Ho waterfall looks like a silky band hanging on the mountain. The beauty of the waterfall only described as pure, ordinary and pristine; it like a strange flower which is distinctive and outstanding from other flowers in the forest. Each year, the waterfall attracts many visitors to come; it is an ideal place for young people to explore the natural beauty.

Come to Ho village, visitors not only enjoy the natural landscape but also have chance to learn more about the lifestyle of ethnic minority here. It is the unique architecture style of stilt house, the craftwork, the cuisine and so on. The ethnic people are very open and hospitable, if you come into a local family, the host may treat you a square meal with many specialties like Muong Hoa roasted fish, bamboo cooked rice, roasted meat served with “nhoi” leaves and chili, … and drink many special wine. There is nothing greater than gather surround the fire and have meal with local people here; they will tell you interesting stories, dance with you and sing together.
Whoever comes to Ho village will not forget about it. Because, it is not only the natural beauty, the cultural tradition but also the friendliness and the hospitability of the local people – the ordinary and honest people make the visitors do not want to go. Therefore, Ho village is not a place to come at one time, it is the place where you will return to it time to time.

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