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Going around Can Cau market in Sapa

Can Cau Market is approximately 20 kilometers North of Bac Ha, and we had to pass through one “bird flu” inspection/disinfection station on the way to market.
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Stepping into the market at Can Cau is like being instantly immersed in a different world. The market itself occupies several “levels” of an hillside. Food stalls occupy one level: And livestock can be found in the valley below: This lady was selling Indigo dyed rice. The Missus wanted to try it out, and with the help of Thinh purchased some.

The Missus only really wanted a taste, and had Thinh try to explain that to the woman, but she insisted on giving the Missus her money’s worth! Indigo rice is eaten for good luck, and really doesn’t have much flavor. It was very pretty though. Flower H’mong scattered in villages in the area all come to the Saturday market. Another thing we noticed is that compared to other “markets” Can Cau is relatively “quiet”. It’s not only the Flower H’mong who stand out. Blue(Green) H’mong women are also easy to identify, by what else, their bright blue embroidered skirts, leggings, and tunics. Since Can Cau Market is close to the Vietnam-China border, you’ll run into Chinese vendors selling items like herbal remedies. And of course many of the H’mong sell brightly colored textiles. It seems that you can get any of your necessities at Can Cau.

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