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Can Cau market

Can Cau market is one of Vietnam’s most fascinating open –air market, and isolated market which takes place only on Saturday every week. This is a lovely local market which still retains the local quaint and authentic.
Can Cau Market
Can cau market information

Location : Can cau market is 30 minutes from Bac Ha(22km), nearly 3 hours from Lao Cai(90km) and about 4 hours from Sapa(Aprox 130km).

It’s a mecca for the local tribal people, including Flower H’mong and Blue H’mong. It spills down a hillside with cook shacks on one level and livestock at the bottom of the valley, including plenty of dogs. Locals will implore you to drink the local rucu (corn moonshine) with them. The market is only open on Saturday. Some trips from Bac Ha include the option of an afternoon trek (for those still standing after ruou shots) to the nearby village of Phu La.

Can Cau Market hold on every Saturday from 6hours until midday. Can Cau Market is a small, but very colourful market. It is the place where you can encounter Flower H’mong, Phu La, Black Dao, Tay and Nung minorities in colorful costumes. The Flower Hmong minority is the most common here, and their colourful dresses makes is a beautiful sight.Can Cau Market - Saturday Market

Virtually every Saturday of the year, people of eight different ethnic minority hill tribes gather with their animals and agricultural products at Can Cau market. The vast of majority of them travel there on foot, the same way they have done for hundreds of years. Because of the great diversity of tongues and cultures commonly found here, people generally communicate by sign language so the market is eerily silent. Can Cau market occupies five steeply terraced fields beside the road from Bac Ha to Si Ma Cai in the mountainous north western province of Lao Cai.

In the perfect light of the early morning, It is not only the colorful market and the peoples but also the beautiful surrounding nature make the visit here an unforgettable trip, especially for nature lovers and photo hunters. The areas is close to China border and in a hidden place, less visitors come here. – Horses, dogs, cat, pigs and textiles…. all on sales! This is of most amazing market you’ve ever seen.

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