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Vietnam’s weather in December

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We would like to inform about Vietnam’s weather in December for travellers. So travellers can prepare for a better Vietnam tour.

Vietnam's weather in December



Now, Vietnam’s weather is winter, very cold weather. The average temperature is about 15 degrees Celsius.

Especially in Sapa or or the northern mountainous region of Vietnam, , temperatures settling between 4°C and 10 °C and only 4 hours of sunshine per day. The daily average temperature for Sapa in December is approximately < 10°C.  At night the temperature is lower and may be below 0 degrees Celsius. Cold and covered everything worth avoiding. This is also a fascinating feature which makes Sapa even more appealing to visitors.

In a few next days the temperature will rise a little.

However, with good trip in Vietnam at this time, travellers should definitely bring a warm high-collar pullover, coat, hand towel & toiletries, jacket and winter accessary. Definitely can not forget to bring a pair of shoes to trekking. If your travel durings long time, you can bring 2 pairs of shoes to change each other.

Have a great holiday in Vietnam ! 

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