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Sapa – The destination for the experiences with homestay tours

Located in North-West Vietnam , Sapa is the most attractive mountain place must be visited on any northern Vietnam itinerary. On a clear day you will treated to views of steeply terraced rice fields, towering verdant ridgelines, primitive mud-thatched villages, raging rivers and astounding waterfalls…

So a wonderful tour to Sapa is all you need to start your memorable Vietnam tour and look for extraordinary explorations. In Sapa, you can choose several accommodations to overnight such as hotel, homestay, resort,… However, nowadays, most of travelers prefer homestay since it is not only cheaper but also closer the local living than others. No doubt about the lack of knowledge because we are going to help you with the best Sapa Vietnam homest.

There will be two choices for you: either a well-established luxury homestay with other travellers or staying in a traditional home.  In both, expect to experience village life in all its glory. Please read the below post and decide which type of homestay you want to stay.

Luxury Sapa Vietnam homestays

Some luxury homestays called guesthouse style homestays, which are larger and more modern than traditional types. Of course, these homestays are built from wood or brick. In here have separate bedrooms or bathrooms with standing shower, hair-dryer and toiletries…

Sapa – The destination for the experiences with homestay tours

Different with traditional homestay, luxury homestays are equipped with the modern facilities such as Wi-Fi Internet, cable TV, electricity. All rooms are very clean and comfortable for tenants.

Sapa – The destination for the experiences with homestay tours

Don’t worry about the quality of foods and drinks in luxury homestays because they are very delicious. All dishes are decorated more attractively to stimulate the appetite of gourmets. Despite being called luxury homstay, it is still make you feel close to nature.

Sapa – The destination for the experiences with homestay tours

If you choose this type of you can refer to the homestay as: Topas Ecolodge  … According to the link :

  Popular Sapa Vietnam homestays

Sapa – The destination for the experiences with homestay tours

This style is traditional homestays which are homestays of local people and closet the local living. As there are several ethnic minorities in the areas surrounding Sapa’s center districts, you will have many options for homestay. These homes also come equipped with a sleeping area but bathroom and toilet facilities vary which are shared by many people. So, living in traditional homestays, you will feel less luxurious than in luxury homestays. But instead, this will be an opportunity for you to get actual experience of local life, traditions and lifestyles. 

You can see best Sapa homestay tours at:

Sapa – The destination for the experiences with homestay tours

The local hosts are so friendly and generous to show you their normal life by letting them join the daily works as well as serving some very delicious local dishes. For instance, you can cook and eat with your family host and generally enjoy the hospitality of Sapa’s local people. …

There are many popular homestays in Sapa appeared in Ban Ho village, Lao Chai village, Ta Van village, Ta Phin village,… to you choose. With this kind of homestay will be perfect for someone who loves discovering new things.

VietNam Typical Tours believe that the above information of this post  will help you make the better option either living in luxury homestay or living in popular homestay for your holiday in Sapa. And wish for you: have a good trip !

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