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Places to see flowers peach in Sapa

It would be great if you made a Sapa trekking tour in traditional Vietnamese New Year. Because you will have the opportunity to admire beautiful peach blossom of the highlands.

And here are the suggestions for places to see flowers peach in Sapa.

Visitors to Sapa are now admiring the beauty of colorful peach blossoms, especially along the road to Ta Van, Ta Phin, Ham Rong …

Places to see flowers peach in Sapa

Photo by Hans Braxmeier on PX

Wild peach branches are now displayed along National Road 4D from O Quy Ho Mountain Pass to Mong Sen Bridge. People from many places have travelled a long distance looking forbeautiful branches.

Wild peach blossom often has a lighter pink thanthose grown in Hanoi -s Nhat Tan village. From the 16 th or 17 th day of thelast lunar month, Mong ethnic minority people bring peach branches to towns tosell.

You also can join Sapa trek trip to remote areas in Sapa or Tam Duong, Sin Ho and Phong Tho districts in Lai Chau Province to search for the unique or oldest trees.

The most beautiful peach flowers is in Sapa District People’s Committee, these cherry trees were donated by Japan-Vietnam Friendship Association on the occasion of 100 years of Sapa tourism (1903 – 2003) in 2003.

Peach blossom in Sapa usually blooms at the end of January in early February of the lunar calendar. Sapa’s beauty is covered with peach blossoms usually last for 6 to 12 days.

So you can choose the long Sapa tours to have more time enjoying the sight of the flowers blooming in Sapa.

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