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Lunar New Year is the best time to visit Bac Ha Market

Bac Ha Market in Lao Cai Province is held every Sunday morning. This is a trading center for ethnic minority people in Bac Ha District and neighboring areas.

If you are wondering the best time to visit this market. So, Lunar New Year is the best time to visit Bac Ha Market. 

Lunar New Year is the best time to visit Bac Ha Market

Photo by Arian Zwegers

In particular, the Bac ha market is the best place where young men and women meet each other after a week of hard work. … But, the region has also its highlights if you are just here in the Vietnamese Tet Holiday – Lunar New Year (in February) to enjoy the season of peach, plum, and cabbage flowers on the hills.

For local people in here, the market in Tet holiday is a like a festival, so they wear their most beautiful clothes when they go to the market.

Bac Ha market is divided into different sections offering different types of goods like brocade weaving products, food, horses, buffalos, poultry, birds, and wine. But during the first days of the Lunar New Year, the most sought after items are kitchen utensils and agricultural tools.

And local brocade weaving products hand-made by local women are greatly desired by customers

Local people in Lao Cai don’t go to Bac Ha Market just to shop. It’s also an opportunity for them to leave their mountain and enjoy local specialties like corn alcohol or “thang co”…

So, Join a Bac Ha Market Tour is really worth a visit.

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