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Discover to the Year-end festival in Northern Vietnam

Vietnam has an abundance of small festivals and celebrations that if you can witness when you’re traveling around the country. Visiting during these special occasions is an interesting experience for travellers.

And this article aims to introduce to tourists: “The Year-end festival in Vietnam” that you should explore when come here.

Buckwheat Flower Festival in Ha Giang

Ha Giang is a province located in the far North of Vietnam, Vietnam’s northernmost point. It is definitely a great destination for the sightseeing of grandiose mountainous landscapes and purple buckwheat flower fields blooming in the hillside.

Discover to the Year-end festival in Northern Vietnam

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The Buckwheat Flower festival is in honor of the unique cultural values of the Dong Van Karst Plateau and aims to promote the province’s tourism attractions, including its magnificent landscapes of karst mountains, and develop buckwheat flowers, a tiny wild pink flower with triangular-shaped leaves, which bloom in the area from October to November. And it becomes a tourism brand of the province.

Winter Festival in Sapa

Sa Pa Winter Festival aims to create new tourism product as well as bring the opportunity for visitors to experience Sa Pa’s winter. The festival also contributes to introducing and promoting the tourism potentials and strengths, the beauty of people and culture of Sa Pa and also Lao Cai Province to numerous domestic and international visitors.

Discover to the Year-end festival in Northern Vietnam

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A travel to Sapa in this time, You will probably have the opportunity to participate in this wonderful festival.

Vietnam’s Tet festival 


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Tet has turned into the official Vietnamese New Year. The celebration often lasts for three days and is very similar to the way the Chinese celebrate their New Year. The streets are donned with flowers, people decorate their homes, and families often get together to celebrate this special holiday. During these three days, the Vietnamese have certain traditions and customs that they follow to help usher in prosperity in the New Year. There is a lot of information online regarding Tet with mixed information on whether it is a good time for travellers to visit.

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