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Are you planning to visit Ha Giang ?

Are you planning to visit Ha Giang ? And you wonder when is the right time to plan your trip to Ha Giang in term of weather and natural beauty?

Please read our article, We will gradually uncover this question in this informative article.

January with peach flowers, plum flowers, yellow rape flowers

Are you planning to visit Ha Giang ?

The time of the sping “between January & April”, Ha Giang landscapes are full of life with the sping’s flowers blooming & at its fullest beauty on March.You can experience the most beautiful time of Ha Giang when peach & plum orchards bloom in its full scale with pink peach flowers & pure white plum flowers, along with its nice fragrance… This pristine natures surely fascinate & soothe your sense. Many wedding couple choose this time to Ha Giang for their most wonderful wedding photos or have a sweet honeymoon here. What a beautiful & romantic Ha Giang in the spring is !!!

Are you planning to visit Ha Giang ?

April with Khau Vai love market

On 27/3 in the lunar calendar, from all tottery ways on the mountain slope, people in their ethnic costumes make boisterous brouhaha of laughter and go to the market to participate in Khau Vai love market, which happens only one time each year.

May, Travelling Ha Giang with falling water season

In May, Ha Gaing becomes beautiful captivation of stunning landscapes : majestic mountains, green valleys & rice terraces on “falling-water time”.

                                  Are you planning to visit Ha Giang ?

The time between May & June,local ethnics get rainwater from mountains down to their rice terraces and start a new rice crop.It is beautiful to see local farming activities on the rice stepped fields with buffalo ploughing,harrowing & planting on the slope terrains of high mountains.The rice terraces filled with water are like a sparkling mirror to reflect the sunset, the sunrise & the blue sky. So, how beautiful it is to visit rice terraced fields of “falling-water”

September and October with ripen rice season

Are you planning to visit Ha Giang ?In early October, it’s the time when rice terraces change its natural colour from green to yelllow one, it is so beautiful to have stunning captures of stepped rice fields in their different golden layers down the valleys.Also, it is interesting to see local ethnics in their colorful dresses happily harvesting the rice, putting it on the sack and transporting it home .The best place to have the rice terraced landscapes in Ha Giang is in Hoang Su Phi district. You can connect your Sapa trip, Bac Ha market, then visit Hoang Su Phi rice terraces altogether.

November,  Buckwheat flower season

Are you planning to visit Ha Giang ?

Then between late October & early November, you are fascinated by puple colors of buckwheat flowers blooming everywhere in Ha Giang.Buckwheat is considered as the symbolic flower in Vietnam’s northern mountainous regions and in its best beauty,you can find here in Ha Giang province.

In December,  yellow carpets of the kale flowers blooming

In December, the valleys & foot hills of Ha Giang are standing out with yellow carpets of the kale flowers blooming, so scenic for your wonderful pictures.Are you planning to visit Ha Giang ?

December is also the winter, so in Meo Vac district of Dong Van rocky plateau, many places have snow at the end of December, curious tourists from many places are lucky to enjoy the unique scenery of the year with snow.

So, It can be said that: Ha Giang is a destination with unspoiled and spectacular beauty of a tourist attraction with people.

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