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Sapa Cuisine

Steamed glutinous rice with seven colors of Nung Din people

Kinh people are always proud of steamed momordica glutinous rice which attached with the color of Vietnamese nation and especially with Nung people, steamed glutinous rice with seven colors is special food here. This dish is splendid with seven colors without using any artificial coloring. Steamed glutinous rice with seven colors is called “xoi bay

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Endless love for cuisine in Sapa!

Being compared as amazing destination for newly-married couple and foreign tourists, Sapa, which is far 350 km north-west from Ha Noi. Locating at altitude of 1500-1650m, Sapa is embraced by magnificent appearance with green forest, majestic mountains or romantic falls. Surprisingly, if tourists fail to experience Vietnamese climate, Sapa holds the key to your nuisance.

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Food’s Aroma of Sapa – unbelievably delicious !

Sapa is famous for not only beautiful, grandiose landscape but also numerous kinds of food which attract tourists. I am sure that this land is a promising destination for every tourist. If you have no idea about cuisine in Sapa, let me give you some suggestions. 1. Roasted food Your trip will be less exciting

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Hot menu to enjoy in Sapa: Gastronomy and Restaurants

Sapa is an amazing destination for your holiday. It is not impressive for its superb landscapes and beautiful villages but its unique cuisine. If you manage for you a trip to Sa Pa, don’t forget to try exotic but tasty food here. Referring to Sa Pa, it is a big mistake to forget its characteristics

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Wines in Sapa – flavours of mountain and forest

Sapa- the fanciful town in fog is considered a gateway to another world of mysterious minority cultures and luscious landscapes. Coming to Sapa, visitors are not only overwhelmed in unique cuisines but also can try the famous wine brands in here. San Lung wine – a specialty of Sapa Coming to Lao Cai, the tourists,

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Thang Co – The best flavor of the upland Sapa

If someone asks what is the speciality in Sapa, it must be “Thang Co” as the first recommendation. Originating from Sapa ethnic’s traditional food, it becomes one of the most terrific characteristics of the upland, which seduces lots of tourists to the North West of Viet Nam to come and enjoy. Besides exploring the best-view

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